Clotilde McHugh

Spasmophiliaque, Cat-Cut: Kitten’s Lullaby. Official music video. 2014.
It was the first project I got back into after a long time. I was so exited that I filmed the whole thing and put it together in two days. It was a bit hard to be the “actress” and the cameraman while taking care of a month old baby, but so much fun. After Effects is being used since the entire band is made of only one person. 
Spasmophiliaque, Noon XOXO Dark Gemini. Official music video. 2014.
Fun project for a French pop-rock band. Shot in stop motion and put together in After Effects. 
Spasmophiliaque, Second Spawn, A Second Chance. Official music video. 2015.
For this video I wanted to do a spin off from the Gremlins, but the rules are a bit changed:  
alcohol and pot instead of water and food. This video was a little harder to put together than Cat-Cut since I wanted the instruments to play in real time (which I had never done before.)
It was challenging. 
Spasmophiliaque, The Eighth Dwarf. Official music video. 2014.
Mixing Snow White with Freddie Kruger in the woods in France. Fun times…
Clotilde McHugh, Thesis Project Reel, Fashion Institute of Technology (2002-2006)
Work done while I was in school, at Bergen and FIT. It is a mixed media piece with 3d (XSI) and stop motion. The sound effects on my thesis were made by a music student at Juilliard. 

I started school at Bergen in 2001 as an ESL student. Everyday, I was passing by Gregg Biermann’s lab, and trying to look inside. One day he saw me and told me “you can come inside you know…” The next semester I was taking all the graphic design and animation classes.

Today I work for a city hall in France, I make magazines, flyers, websites etc.  

It is a steady job, with flexible hours, that allows me not to be worried about money.  

I take a few side projects just for fun from time to time, as a hobby but only because the musicians let me be completely free to do whatever I want. 

I guess my next goal will be to get back into stop motion …